• I have been thinking about many of your useful tips and pointers.
         “You are a talented speaker and gave very good advice [at the Super Women Conference for Women Lawyers, LSBA, New Orleans, LA 2013]. I have been thinking about many of your useful tips and pointers."    
    Karen S., New Orleans
  • White Collar Defense Lawyer, Dallas TX
    ...thrilled with the information you shared...
         Thank you so much for presenting at our Women in White Collar Defense meeting. Everyone was thrilled with the information you shared and I was very impressed personally.  You should know that, like many women who participate in multiple networking groups, I have heard executive coaches before and I rarely if ever take notes or come away with action items that I didn’t already know.  From your presentation I not only have several notes of important points, I also have some action items for myself.  
  • Securities Lawyer, Dallas TX
    An excellent coach
         You are an excellent coach and I always left our sessions more motivated and positive than when I arrived. Please accept my sincere thanks for your time and effort and know that you have made a positive impact on me and my practice. I look forward to following all your advice and observations!  
  • Business Litigator, Miami FL
    ...a substantial difference in my marketing approach...
         Martha Newman has helped me make a substantial difference in my marketing approach and professional productivity. As a result of her personalized strategic coaching, I am much more focused in terms of substantive work, managing my law office and marketing my practice. Working with Martha has allowed me to recapture my motivation, confidence and drive to succeed.                                                          
  • CFO, Richardson TX
    ...Practical, intuitive, and perceptive...
         Martha was extremely practical, intuitive, and perceptive, helping me look at things from different perspectives. She was instrumental in assisting me with developing situational strategies, career planning, relationship management and most importantly, enhancing my confidence and outlook as an executive leader.
  • Firm, holding me accountable...
         I loved her style of coaching. I can be a difficult client especially when I have a million balls up in the air at the same time. Firm, holding me accountable, acknowledging, tapping into the real issues.
    Entrepreneur, Dallas TX

How You Benefit from Lawyer Coaching



Top Lawyer Coach founder, Martha Newman, partners with you in developing successful lawyer leadership and business development strategies that will achieve your career goals and help you eliminate self-sabotaging habits that hold you back.

Martha supports high-achieving attorneys who feel stuck or frustrated:

  • Build lucrative books of business,

  • Move up to equity partner and positions of influence,

  • Gain financial security,

  • Become effective leaders and managers, and

  • Practice the kind of law that is fulfilling and enjoyable.

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Business Development

Leverage your network to get business. Learn how to identify the right clients who will give you the best return on investment.

Leadership & Management

Perfect your management and leadership skills so you can advance to the next level or be an even better leader than you already are. Leverage your talents to facilitate change.


Did you know that 80% of new business comes from existing clients? It’s true! So, the next time you’re wondering how to make effective use of your limited time, consider this:Vet your current clients for more work! Here are three rainmaking strategies to help you win more business from clients. 1. Talk to your clients. The…

Women Rainmakers Communicate in a Way that Builds Trust and Makes Clients Feel Valued How do women lawyers become successful rainmakers? They use interpersonal marketing to develop strong client relationships and WIN CONFIDENCE. Studies show that women are considered to be more trustworthy than men. They’re better communicators, willing to express their feelings and tap…

Achieve Your Goals by being SPECIFIC and REALISTIC! Goal-setting is a critical step on the road to success. Goals are essentially little hurdles that move you closer to making your long-term vision a reality. Set real goals for yourself by being SPECIFIC and REALISTIC. Think in quantifiable terms. Don’t just aim to get more clients,…

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