Martha Newman offers live and virtual workshops focusing on:

 Business Development

 Leadership and Management

 Emotional Intelligence


 Conflict Management


 Influence: The Science and Practice

 Mastering Persuasion: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading and Winning


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Workshop # 1:   Rainmaking to Build Your Book

A Lawyer’s Guide to Business Development

Business colleagues sitting at a table during a meeting


  • Designed for lawyers who want to learn how to build a lucrative book of business.
  • Offers practical advice to lawyers on how to become powerful rainmakers.
  • Presents the most effective strategies for business development in the legal field.
  • Shows lawyers how to eliminate mental obstacles to success.
  • Provides instruction and coaching on how to design a business development plan and formulation of rainmaking action steps and tools to help lawyers achieve their goals.

In this program we will cover:

  • Designing your Business Development Plan.
  • Skills-building in networking, cultivating prospects, and landing business.
  • Harnessing time management for rainmaking results.
  • Eliminating internal obstacles: Get Out of Your Own Way!

Workshop #2:  360 Degree Leadership


This program is based on the writings of John Maxwell, one of today’s leading experts in leadership development, and author of the best- selling book, The 360 Degree Leader, Developing Your Influence From Anywhere in the Organization.

During the program, we will cover:

1. The Principles of 360 Degree Leadership:

2. How to apply those principles in utilizing Maxwell’s Five Level Leadership Model.

360° leadership


Workshop #3:   Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EI) has become well known throughout the business world as a crucial component of leadership effectiveness and relationship-building. Intellect and business expertise are not sufficient to achieve success as a rainmaker or leader if emotional intelligence is lacking.

This program explores the EI competencies. Lawyers will be shown how to use them to go from being a good to a great emotionally intelligent leader, negotiator and trusted advisor. You will get tools and techniques to help you deepen your ability to lead and become more effective in helping your law firm deliver the results it needs.

During this program, you will cover:

  • The Meaning and Value of Emotional Intelligence
  • Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Comprehending the neurological and physiological underpinnings of EI
  • Relating the behaviors, impact and challenges of EI on workplace performance
  • Identifying your firm and client relationships and their importance to yourself and others


Workshop #4:   Selling Yourself without Showing Off

Business team working together on laptop


Hard working, capable female lawyers often avoid talking about themselves and their accomplishments because they fear bosses and clients will perceive them as braggarts.

Self-promotion is an important skill to…

  • Gain in visibility within the firm and with your prospective clients.
  • Be recognized for your successful efforts.
  • Communicate value to prospective clients and decision-makers in the firm.
  • Build your brand.
  • Function as an effective leader.

Unfortunately, many potential leaders associate self-promotion with boasting, showing off or selling out. This program focuses on ways to more intentionally and discerningly practice the skills of self-promotion without feelings of fear and aversion.

In this program we will:

  • Discuss benefits to the individual and the law firm at large that flow from appropriate, strategic self-promotion.
  • Show how you can authentically self-promote without offending anyone.
  • Role-play to increase self-confidence.
  • Reframe common beliefs that get in the way of self-promotion.
  • Provide useful strategies and activities to effectively self-promote.

Workshop #5:   Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader


Many of us experience “fight or flight” responses when it comes to conflict. Effective leaders, however, handle conflict in a constructive manner and enable others to do the same. These leaders also champion conflict competency in their law firms and find that conflict can actually work to their advantage, fostering new ideas and stronger relationships.

In this program we will cover:

  • The importance of dealing with organizational conflict effectively.
  • Discovering your hot buttons.
  • Ways to maintain control of your emotions when faced with conflict.
  • How to enhance your use of constructive conflict behaviors.
  • What it takes to champion conflict competence in your law firm

Workshop #6:   Negotiate with Your Whole Mind:  The Triple Intelligence Model



Our focus will be the triple competency negotiation model contained in the respected textbook, Negotiation: Readings, Exercises and Cases by Lewicki, Saunders and Barry, 6th Edition.

The model involves three crucial negotiation competencies:

  • Mastering the substance.
  • Building relationships and trust.
  • Managing the negotiation model.

In order to develop the triple competencies, a lawyer must possess three kinds of intelligence:

  • Cognitive intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Interpersonal intelligence

Additional Workshop Topics

  • Influence: The Science and Practice (Based on book of same name By Robert B. Cialdini.)
  • Mastering Persuasion: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading and Winning the Deal (Based on the best-selling book Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff.)
  • Getting the Upper Hand during Negotiations


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