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Report: Women and the Unbalance of Power in U.S. Law Firms

A survey indicates that there is a relatively low percentage of women equity partners – about 15% – and that the compensation gap between men and women is growing.

Do You Shoot Down Compliments?

Women lawyers listen up! Are you quick to fend off flattery? You may be what experts call a “compliment-carper;” you simply can not accept kind words.

Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Business

Women lawyers often feel as if they’ve hit the proverbial glass ceiling. Sometimes the reason for this is circumstantial. Other times, it’s little mistakes along the way that have come back to hurt them.

Networking: Ways to Connect OFF the Golf Course

Business building experiences don’t have to be daunting. Find fun and interesting ways to nurture your business relationships.

Do Female Managing Partners Have an Advantage Over Male Counterparts?

The road to becoming a managing partner may be a long one, but women attorneys who have achieved that success say sexism is never a hurdle. In fact, many female managing partners suggest their gender has actually helped them!

Office Faux Pas that Could Jeopardize Your Career

Lawyers who continually make the same office mistakes are putting their careers on the line.
BOUNCE BACK from your faux pas by correcting these top 10 office mistakes.

What’s Stopping You from Achieving Your GOALS?

Obstacles are out there. Some of them are big. Some are small. But, ALL of them can have a negative impact on your job performance. Here is a checklist of common barriers that often hold lawyers back.

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