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How to Spot and Seize Crucial Marketing Moments

Have you ever experienced a real magic marketing moment?
Increase your business effectiveness by learning to recognize and capitalize on BIG marketing opportunities.

Best Ways to RECONNECT with Long Lost Clients

Making that first call after a long hiatus isn’t easy. The key is to really think about how to start the conversation.
Here are some TIME-TESTED and EFFECTIVE ways to make reaching out a lot more comfortable.

Words to Use When Asked, “What’s New?”

If your stock reply is, “Oh, nothing much” or “I’ve been swamped,” then it is time to pick some new words to use.

The #1 Marketing Opportunity Firms Miss Out On

With all of the marketing tips, tools, and shortcuts out there – have you ever considered using your bills to market your law practice?

Start Your Own LinkedIn Group

You can leverage LinkedIn as a business tool simply by getting involved with Groups. But don’t just join a group, start your own!

Are Daily Distractions Hurting Business Development?

It’s normal to get caught up in the daily bustle of phone calls and e-mails, but when that bustle begins to take time away from your business development efforts – well, then… there’s a problem.

The Fine Line Between Management and Leadership

Managers are commanders; they get people to do what needs to be done. Leaders are communicators; they get people to want to do what needs to be done.

Think Before You SPEAK!

Do you want to get in good with your boss or clients? Think before you speak! Here are 7 things your boss doesn’t want to hear.

Tracking Your Site Mentions on the Social Networks

Social networks are big places. Chances are someone out there has mentioned you, your firm, or your legal website.

But who? And when?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Now you can!

POLL RESULTS RE: Email Mistakes

POLL RESULTS RE: Email Mistakes. We’re all guilty of making an email mistake at one point or another. But, instead of hiding under a blanket of embarrassment, readers of Top Lawyer Coach have candidly shared their own experiences – no holds barred!

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