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BIG Job Mistakes that Land New Grads in HOT WATER

Inexperience and good old-fashion cockiness may cause some first-year associates to make BIG blunders on the job.
Here are some first-time lawyer career mistakes to avoid.

5 Ways to Build Business Rapport with People

Connecting with people – really getting them to think, feel, and be involved – is a communication skill that takes practice. Here are some ways to help you get in sync and start building relationships.

5 Ways to Deal with Difficult Coworkers

Personal attacks can undermine your professional standing – not to mention your self esteem. While you can’t prevent people from being difficult, you can LEARN HOW TO MANAGE THEM.

4 Ways to COLD CALL Effectively

Silence your inner-wallflower and plunge right in! Managing cold calls doesn’t have to be scary.
It’s all about ATTITUDE.

How to BRAND Yourself on YouTube

Believe it or not, YouTube is a POWERFUL BUSINESS TOOL too!
Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of the FREE video-sharing service.

3 Tips for Dealing with Client REJECTION

The next time you’re hit with rejection from a prospect, take a step back and turn a negative situation into a prized LEARNING OPPORTUNITY!

10 Ways to Land a Speaking Gig

There’s never been a better time to start leveraging conferences and speaking events.
They are your OPPORTUNITIES TO SHINE and to really show the industry WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF!

Grade Yourself: 5 Signs of Successful Networking

How do you know if you’re networking efforts have paid off?
Here’s how to measure success after an important networking event.

How to Conduct an EFFECTIVE Client Interview

Firms that conduct client interviews often see BIG RESULTS!
Here are 5 essential components to a SUCCESSFUL client interview program.

Talking Business: Tweet or Meet?

While the promise of new media is freedom, choice, and control, the reality for most is CRIPPLING OVERLOAD. The key is to become more aware of your media preferences and to choose your medium wisely.

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