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Tracking Your Site Mentions on the Social Networks

Social networks are big places. Chances are someone out there has mentioned you, your firm, or your legal website.

But who? And when?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Now you can!

Popular FAQs about Posting on Facebook

To get your message seen and your voice heard on Facebook, you have to know know where, when, and how to post properly.Here are some handy techniques.

Social Media Marketing: Understanding the Lifeline of a Facebook Post

Lawyers and other professionals who continually update their Facebook business pages want know how long their posts are going to attract precious comments and likes.

Hashtag Techniques to Boost Your Brand

If you use Twitter, chances are you’ve seen a hashtag. Twitter hashtags are a way for users to organize their tweets in specific topics.

The Most Important Skill in Social Media

Listening keeps your finger on the pulse of your clients. Consider it the ultimate focus-group tool – practically free and available 24/7!

Google+ for Lawyers: Is it Worth Your Time?

As a business professional, you need to know more about that little +1 button. It’s where social networking and search engine marketing come together.

Most Popular Posts from May 2011

Readers are extremely interested in mobile technology and social media. So much in fact, the following five articles ranked the highest in May.

Create Client Relationships that Last a Lifetime

The key to building real, lifetime client relationships online is to first build them OFFLINE.

In-House Counsel Warm Up to Social Media for Legal Marketing

A survey says corporate counsel have embraced blogs and social networks as sources of industry news and information.

Move Online BUSINESS Relationships OFFLINE

Online relationships only go so far. Therefore, to truly leverage the power of social media, lawyers must learn how to move their relationships offline.
Here are 3 ways you can convert online relationships into offline relationships.

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