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Market Your CLE Presentations

Marketing and promoting CLE courses, conferences, and seminars can be just as challenging as law firm marketing. Here are 7 strategies to get the ball rolling.

Use Social Media to Interact with Clients

Social media are a lot more than just status updates and virtual games. They’re a MARKETING TOOL!
If your firm doesn’t have a social networking presence yet, here’s some advice for connecting to your market.

5 Tips for a Successful Legal Blog

If you’re struggling with your own legal blog, consider this: just like traditional legal writing, blogging demands creativity and consistency. Here are some tips for a successful legal blog.

4 Ways to Create a Professional Profile Picture

When it comes to building business and branding – IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. And guess what? First impressions are almost always VISUAL!
Here’s how to make a positive first impression with your profile picture.

Grow Your Presence on Twitter!

If you are one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of people who feel their Twitter updates get lost in a sea of tweets – You’re not alone!
Here are 5 Ways to Help You Get SEEN on Twitter!

Use Social Media to Research Rivals

Have something to say? Then, say it through social media! In today’s Web 2.0 world, literally millions of professionals are using social networking tools for competitive intelligence. That is, they are using sites like Twitter and Facebook to distribute information about themselves – and collect information from others.

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