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Most Popular Posts from July 2010

In July, readers seemed to gravitate toward articles about job hunting and relationship-building. Which of these most popular posts from July was your favorite?

Five Rainmaking Habits to Practice NOW

While the ebb and flow of business is natural, you DESERVE a greater sense of control over your practice.
Go back to the basics and learn the habits that will propel your career – and your relationships.

“Ping” Your Network to Stay in Touch!

Let’s face it. Attorneys have very little time do anything else besides practice law. But when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with a network of prospects and clients, a little time is all it takes to keep your NETWORKS HUMMING.

Harnessing Empathy for Effective Communication

Lawyers aren’t perfect.
From time to time, we all drift during a conversation, politely nodding when appropriate but really not paying attention. While this may be okay for some on occasion, make it a habit and you’ll start to see your relationships fall by the wayside.

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