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Comment: “This is a Great Post.”

Rocky Dhir writes… Re: UNPLUG and Get Your Life Back This is a great post. Technology allows us to do more in less time, which means that it makes do more ALL the time. I confess that I feel uneasy if my iPhone is not within reach. For me, I work on both sides of the globe, […]

Comment: “I Want You to Know…”

Rodrigo Alanis Lambreton writes… Re: 10 Job Hunting Tip to Help You Get Your Foot in the Door “I want you to know, that I really enjoy this and every list of tips that you have posted in the past. It happens that I have a very important job interview tomorrow, and browsing trough your […]

Comment: “Great Advice for Every Professional.”

Paul Burton writes… Re: 5 Ways to Build a Business Rapport with People “Great advice for every professional. I view all my prospective clients as future friends and interact with them accordingly.”

POLL RESULTS RE: Email Mistakes

POLL RESULTS RE: Email Mistakes. We’re all guilty of making an email mistake at one point or another. But, instead of hiding under a blanket of embarrassment, readers of Top Lawyer Coach have candidly shared their own experiences – no holds barred!

Comment: “Thank You for the Great Advice!”

Roxie Desort writes… “Thank you for the great advice in Secrets to Email Marketing Success! I’m just starting out and have been trying so hard to get people to my site following that article I just might be able to do it!”

Comment: “I Love This!”

Julie Murphy Casserly writes… “I love this [ 4 Ways to Just Say NO! ]! Setting boundries is so important in both business and personal life!”

Comment: “Thanks for Such Eye-Opening…”

Sapna Sinha writes… “Thanks for such a eye-opening tips in 3 Tips for Dealing with Client Rejection.” “In today’s competitive world we often come across such a situation and sometimes don’t understand how to react. But now, I would know. Also, I would like to add that I always find your postings on the site […]

Comment: “I Really was Profoundly Impressed…”

Ben Ndedde, Partner at Justice Forte Chambers in Nigeria, writes… “I really was profoundly impressed with your article, 5 Ways to Reconnect with Long Lost Clients.” “Lately, a client returned for whom I got judgment in a successful litigation. He had been “put off” by my bill on a second brief which he brought having […]

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