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Legal Marketing Strategies to Help You Get FOCUSED… and RAINMAKING!

Focusing on the services you excel in will lower operating costs, increase client loyalty, and raise profits!

5 Ways Not to Botch Your Chances of Winning Work

Don’t blow your odds of winning work with a bad proposal. Avoid these common lawyer mistakes and your odds of being awarded new projects will soar!

Successful Rainmakers Nurture their Clients

Don’t spin your wheels trying to cultivate a relationship with someone whom you’ve never met.
Steer clear of strangers and start nurturing relationships with those you know – YOUR CLIENTS!

Why Jay Leno Says Persistence Pays Off

The saying “persistence pays off” has become an adage that floats in one ear and out the other. Sure, we know that hard work and determination can help us get ahead and succeed – but, for many professionals, persistence just isn’t a word to live by. Not for comedian Jay Leno.

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