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4 Things You Should Know about Office Gossip

Whether it’s cruel and catty or just plain benign, the effects of gossip in any form are almost always NEGATIVE!

Office Faux Pas that Could Jeopardize Your Career

Lawyers who continually make the same office mistakes are putting their careers on the line.
BOUNCE BACK from your faux pas by correcting these top 10 office mistakes.

Women Lawyers: Dress Do’s and Don’ts

Often attorneys think as long as they’re smart and competent, outward appearance doesn’t matter. They are sadly mistaken. The way you dress reflects your BRAND.

What Not to Wear

There’s no other way around it. Appearances matter! We live in a world where people aren’t judged solely on their hard work, rather the whole package.

How to Handle OBNOXIOUS Opposing Counsel

Losing control and plotting revenge is a waste of time and energy!
Deal with the situation with dignity and grace by learning how to identify when someone is truly goading you and control your own reactions.

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