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5 Ways to Make Awkward Networking Painless (Introverts, this one is for you!)

What is an introverted professional to do when attending a two-hour event seems downright agonizing? Here are 5 ways to make an awkward networking event painless and productive.

Most Popular Posts from January 2011

Attorneys are always looking for new ways to market themselves – either online or at networking events. So it’s no surprise these topics were a big hit with readers in January.

The Painless Way to Network

Get out there and work the room!
Here are some action steps that will help YOU get comfortable, and socializing in no time.

Leverage Your 2010 Conferences!

You probably have your eye on a big conference or multi-day CLE program coming up. The event is still months away, yet you’re concerned about how long it will keep you away from work.
Conferences are indeed a huge investment of time – but they are ALWAYS time well spent.

Make Networking Events Work For You

Networking works best if it is done with “marketing aforethought.” Here’s your game plan for an effective networking event.

Network with the Coach: