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10 Common Networking Mistakes

The professionals who are admired the most by their peers are also the ones who become the “go to” people in their networks. Reaching this level of influence is easy. Keep your network engaged by avoiding these common networking mistakes: 1) The “WIIFM” Mindset. Having a “What’s in it for me?” mindset will no only […]

Do You Dread Delivering Feedback? Here’s How to Do It!

As tough as the feedback process is, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Reviewers need to aim at giving positive input, or opportunities to correct behaviors. General comments about “good” or “bad” behavior, or about our character, are never useful for genuine feedback – ever.

How to React When You’re Under Verbal ATTACK!

Your impulse may be to attack back. Don’t do it. You will lose credibility with your audience if you indulge a hostile audience member.

Words to Use When Asked, “What’s New?”

If your stock reply is, “Oh, nothing much” or “I’ve been swamped,” then it is time to pick some new words to use.

The #1 Marketing Opportunity Firms Miss Out On

With all of the marketing tips, tools, and shortcuts out there – have you ever considered using your bills to market your law practice?

Up Your Twitter Game for Business Development

How can you make your content stand out in the Twitter stream?

Answer: It’s all about the headline.

The Fine Line Between Management and Leadership

Managers are commanders; they get people to do what needs to be done. Leaders are communicators; they get people to want to do what needs to be done.

How to Tame Work Overwhelm

What if you could tame office overload just by being honest? Instead of playing the victim and complaining about how unfair your life is, explore how you’re really feeling by simply telling yourself the truth.

Silence Your Inner Critic

No more put downs! It’s time to focus on improvements!

When you silence your inner critic, that critic will become your inner coach that points out ways to improve future results.

Realize the Importance of Keeping Your Word

Are you a man or woman of your word? You may think so, but think for a moment about all of the commitments and agreements you have made in recent years – how many of them did you actually keep?

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