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Eliminate an Empty Thank You From Your Vocabulary

Never let a thank you stand alone. Dress it up and make it count!

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Business Network

The most profitable networks are those made up of people who share common business interests and concerns. Here are 10 ways network members can help each other.

How Does Your Voice Compare to Your Professional Appearance?

You may not be able to carry a tune, but you can learn how to give yourself a POWERFUL VOICE. Even just simple, small adjustments in your usual speech can have a profound effect on your presentation.

Year-End Tips to Boost Client Loyalty

You need to SPRING INTO ACTION if you sense a defection on the horizon. Harry Mills, author of The Rainmaker’s Toolkit, recommends the following three-step formula, also known as the EAR recovery formula.

What Successful Women Rainmakers Excel in Most

How do women lawyers become successful rainmakers? They use interpersonal marketing to develop strong client relationships and WIN CONFIDENCE.

Market Your CLE Presentations

Marketing and promoting CLE courses, conferences, and seminars can be just as challenging as law firm marketing. Here are 7 strategies to get the ball rolling.

ONLINE LEGAL MARKETING: How to Attract Your Target Audience

To get new clients online, you must create personal relationships with the people who visit your site. How?
Start by taking advantage of the power of the Internet and your own good writing!

Write and Get NOTICED!

You’ll be surprised by the new business and engagements that can be triggered by publishing an article.

Right and Wrong Ways to WORK A ROOM

Many lawyers confuse networking with socializing.
Revise your “work the room” tactics by learning these fundamental dos and don’ts.

Most Popular Posts from October 2010

Based on our readership last month, lawyers are eager to learn more about cultivating better relationships with their clients.

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