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Differentiate Yourself as a Class Act

Class acts are natural born leaders. They create energy, build confidence, and lend support.

Dedicate Yourself to Being Consistent

Consistency gives you the power to do so much more with your day, your goals, your career, and your brand.

Leadership and How to Foster a Better Work Environment

What you need from your staff is COMMITMENT and MOTIVATION. Money won’t buy these traits, but your behavior will.

Leadership: Top 5 Ways to Motivate Your Department

Motivation improves morale, creates passionate and hard-working teams – and, above all else, improves the firm as a whole. Here are 5 ways you can lead to improve motivation.

What We Can Learn from Apple’s Simple Marketing Philosophy

This three-point marketing philosophy has served Apple for decades, and can also be a prime example for your business practices.

5 Tips for Managing under Uncertainty

During uncertain times don’t seek safe harbor curled up in a ball. Get up and take the lead!

Be a Person of Influence!

Distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack, not by leading laterally or down, but by leading UP… supporting your leader, adding value to the organization, and taking on more responsibility.

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