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Build on Your Strengths for BIG Business

Think for a moment about your talents. Ask yourself what are you really good at. Next, think about how you can use your skills to increase business.
Drawing on your strengths will not only make you more efficient – you’ll become an even better rainmaker!

Networking in LinkedIn: Serious Insight into Groups

LinkedIn has made its Groups feature even more worth your while by unveiling a new statistics dashboard that offers a serious look at each LinkedIn group’s demographics, growth and activity.

Make Business Connections through Former Classmates

Here are three ways to help you reconnect with old classmates and convert those relationships into useful referrals for your practice.

Networking: Be the First In, and the Last Out

The best networking takes place 20 minutes before a networking event starts, and in the first 20 minutes after it ends.

Most Popular Posts from May 2011

Readers are extremely interested in mobile technology and social media. So much in fact, the following five articles ranked the highest in May.

5 Best Apps for Lawyer Networking

If you’re having trouble making connections, there’s an app for that! Five of them, in fact. Here are some of the best apps for professional networking.

5 Important Tips for a Post-Grad Job Hunt

Stay POSITIVE. Keep your FOCUS. And, get CREATIVE!
Your dream job is right around the corner.

13 “Sure Fire” Questions for Networking

There’s no doubt about it – a room full of strangers can be intimidating if you’re not prepared. Networking events should never include uncomfortable silences or leave you grasping for something to say.

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