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How Solo Attorneys can Keep Business Strong

There’s no doubt about it. Cutting ties with your law firm and going solo is scary. But, take comfort in knowing that like so many of your solo predecessors – you can succeed!

How to Give Your Holiday Cards Marketing Power

Holiday greetings can actually add value to your practice. This is your chance to spread selfless expressions of gratitude AND market your services.

Developing an Authentic Voice

When it comes to marketing and advertising your services, authenticity is critical. Stale or robotic-like pitches will be ignored. People just aren’t receptive to them. Instead, keep humanity in mind.

Get Visible!

Visibility, or lack thereof, is a common problem for lawyers who work in mid-to-large sized law firms. Attorneys have a tendency to believe that colleagues will be eager to cross-sell their services.

How to Promote a Good Idea and Get a Great Response!

You have a great idea, but now comes the hard part: Promotion. Ideally you’ll want to put that idea into motion by creating a dynamic presentation. Your first step? An outline.

10 Ways to Improve Your Voicemails

VOICEMAIL is one of the most frequently used communication tools within an organization, yet so many people don’t know how to use it effectively.

Focused Marketing Tips for Busy Lawyers

Even time-pressed lawyers can find time for legal marketing. FOCUS is key.

Time-Saving Web Apps

Don’t be underestimated by the power of humble Web apps. They are still the hallmark of daily workplace productivity. Here are four FREE online tools that are designed to tackle cumbersome work tasks.

The iPad for Lawyers

What can a lawyer do with a consumption device like the iPad? The answer: Just about anything.

Create Client Relationships that Last a Lifetime

The key to building real, lifetime client relationships online is to first build them OFFLINE.

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