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4 Things You Should Know about Office Gossip

Whether it’s cruel and catty or just plain benign, the effects of gossip in any form are almost always NEGATIVE!

Using Online Video Marketing to Win Over Prospective Clients

When competition is tough, law firms need to step up their marketing game. Here are 10 ways to GROW YOUR PRACTICE with online video.

5 Important Tips for a Post-Grad Job Hunt

Stay POSITIVE. Keep your FOCUS. And, get CREATIVE!
Your dream job is right around the corner.

Go Ahead…. BRAG to Yourself

Don’t cringe at the word BRAGGART – embrace it! Build up your own confidence and boost your ego by making a VICTORY FILE.

CONFIDENCE: The Key to BRAND Success

Did you know that confidence is crucial to your BRAND? It’s true!
Your confidence attracts clients and keeps them for life – if you let clients SEE AND FEEL that confidence.

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