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How to Keep Staff Engaged

Your employees should not only be engaged in their work, but also committed to the firm’s mission.

Tune into Your Market and Stay in the Game!

External intelligence can help firms understand what’s happening now – and what could happen down the road!

3 Dangers of Dysfunctional Practice Groups

Negative groups breed gossip, bad reputations, and wasted resources. Not only that, they reflect poorly on the firm!
If you’re questioning the influence of your own practice group, here are some characteristics to watch out for.

Leverage Your Bar Membership for Marketing

A bar association can provide a wealth of opportunities for you to make meaningful connections and build your practice! Here are 5 ways to get more out of your bar association membership.

How a Simple Checklist can Improve Your Practice

If clutter and “to do” reminders are invading your work space, it’s time to GET ORGANIZED. And the best way to impose order, the experts say, is by creating a very simple CHECKLIST.

3 Tips for Dealing with Client REJECTION

The next time you’re hit with rejection from a prospect, take a step back and turn a negative situation into a prized LEARNING OPPORTUNITY!

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