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How to Give Your Holiday Cards Marketing Power

Holiday greetings can actually add value to your practice. This is your chance to spread selfless expressions of gratitude AND market your services.

Going Viral

Everyone dreams of their message reaching the masses. It’s called “going viral” – and the good news is – it’s not a pipe dream.

Legal Marketing: Targeting the Mobile Market

Smart phone users don’t have time to wade through a lot of content. They want to get to the heart of the matter and move on.

Top Social Networks for Legal and Law Firm Marketing

There are conversations going on RIGHT NOW on social networks that, if you joined, could help you showcase your legal expertise, meet potential clients, and generate business leads.

Want to Stay in Touch with Clients? There’s an App for that!

There are exactly 319,372 iPhone applications available for download at Apple App Store. Is your firm’s app one of them?

Make the Most Down Time

If you’re one of the few people who cringe at the words “down time” – learn to how to turn your free time into an opportunity to be PRODUCTIVE.

Most Popular Posts from January 2011

Attorneys are always looking for new ways to market themselves – either online or at networking events. So it’s no surprise these topics were a big hit with readers in January.

50 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm Marketing

The best legal marketing practices are the ones that have been done time-and-time again – with success!

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