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Networking: Be the First In, and the Last Out

The best networking takes place 20 minutes before a networking event starts, and in the first 20 minutes after it ends.

Do You Shoot Down Compliments?

Women lawyers listen up! Are you quick to fend off flattery? You may be what experts call a “compliment-carper;” you simply can not accept kind words.

Put Yourself on an Email Diet

What was once accomplished in a simple quick meeting often takes days of email exchanges to resolve. Put yourself on an email diet!

5 Habits of Prosperous People

Randy Gage – a former criminal who rose from a jail cell to become a self-made multi-millionaire – shares his top five habits of prosperous people.

Career Networking App for Facebook is a career networking service on Facebook. Just sign up using your Facebook login and you can access inside professional connections within your social network.

Network with the Coach: