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Most Popular Posts from July 2010

In July, readers seemed to gravitate toward articles about job hunting and relationship-building. Which of these most popular posts from July was your favorite?

10 Job Hunting Tips to Help You Get Your Foot in the Door

When it comes to job hunting- politeness, professionalism, and perseverance go a long way!
Follow these tips and an employer will NOTICE YOU – not the others in the bunch.

10 Rules for Today’s Legal Job Search

Whether you are fresh out of law school or looking for a mid-career change, throw those tried-and-true job hunting techniques out the window.
So what’s an eager, qualified job seeker to do? Here are 10 new rules for today’s job hunt.

5 Important Tips for a Post-Grad Job Hunt

Stay POSITIVE. Keep your FOCUS. And, get CREATIVE!
Your dream job is right around the corner.

8 BIG Resume Mistakes

When you’re on the job hunt, your best weapon is your resume. One red flag could DOOM any chance of you landing a new job. Here are some of the biggest resume mistakes to avoid.

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