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iPads Help Lawyers and Clients Stay Connected

While some attorneys may debate the usefulness of an iPad for business and preparing for legal matters, two litigators in Arizona are proving that iPads really are helpful.

In-house Technology: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Corporate Counsel ‘s 2011 Survey of In-House Technology shows a substantial rise in mobile technology use and a shift, of sorts, in the relationship between company lawyers and outside counsel.

Conquer the Fear of Asking for Constructive Criticism

It’s quite common to be afraid to ask for constructive feedback because, frankly, people are afraid of what they are going to hear. But, the truth is the truth.

The Winner’s Circle: Best Legal Departments of 2011

The list of this year’s Best Legal Departments is out. These are coveted spots, but choosing them was quite a challenge for Corporate Counsel.

Do Inhouse Lawyers Really Rely on Rankings?

Popularity contests. They’re fun to follow, but do they really add any weight in the legal world?

Leadership Essentials for a Healthy In-house Culture

As a leader, you need to create an environment where questions are welcomed. Disagree without being disagreeable. Encourage those around you to mix it up.

Most Popular Posts from February 2011

Attorneys are always looking for candid advice on how to improve their professional relationships and build business. Perhaps, that’s why the “Honest Talk” article received such tremendous positive feedback last month.

Honest Talk from In-house Counsel about their Outside Law Firms

A survey candidly illustrates how in-house counsel feel about their outside law firms.

Google Scholar Becomes a Better Resource for Lawyers

Google improves the search functionality for its case law research tool.

Compensation Up for In-House Division General Counsel

A recent salary study published by Corporate Counsel shows in-house division general counsel received a 8.35% boost in median total cash compensation last year compared to their corporate counsel colleagues.

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