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Important Tips for Avoiding Email Typos

Nothing is more infuriating than an ugly typo – especially when the typo is your mistake. Unfortunately, something as small as a typo can weigh heavy on your professional reputation.

Most Popular Posts from July 2010

In July, readers seemed to gravitate toward articles about job hunting and relationship-building. Which of these most popular posts from July was your favorite?

POLL RESULTS RE: Email Mistakes

POLL RESULTS RE: Email Mistakes. We’re all guilty of making an email mistake at one point or another. But, instead of hiding under a blanket of embarrassment, readers of Top Lawyer Coach have candidly shared their own experiences – no holds barred!

Email Faux Pas: Embarrassment to Avoid

Don’t get burned by office technology! Here’s how to save yourself the embarrassment of technological faux pas.

Email Loopholes Spell Danger!

There are email security loopholes that may put you and your firm in ethical hot water.
Before you hit Send – here are 12 ways you can guard against costly email security dangers.

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