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5 Helpful iPhone Apps for Firms and In-house Counsel

Here are five iPhone apps that could be quite useful for busy firm attorneys and corporate counsel.

In-house Technology: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Corporate Counsel ‘s 2011 Survey of In-House Technology shows a substantial rise in mobile technology use and a shift, of sorts, in the relationship between company lawyers and outside counsel.

The Winner’s Circle: Best Legal Departments of 2011

The list of this year’s Best Legal Departments is out. These are coveted spots, but choosing them was quite a challenge for Corporate Counsel.

Honest Talk from In-house Counsel about their Outside Law Firms

A survey candidly illustrates how in-house counsel feel about their outside law firms.

Winning Business from Corporate Counsel

In-house lawyers and legal experts are in demand right now and that means competition is stiff in the fight to win their business.

Compensation Up for In-House Division General Counsel

A recent salary study published by Corporate Counsel shows in-house division general counsel received a 8.35% boost in median total cash compensation last year compared to their corporate counsel colleagues.

In-House Counsel Warm Up to Social Media for Legal Marketing

A survey says corporate counsel have embraced blogs and social networks as sources of industry news and information.

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