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What to Say When Your Mind Goes BLANK

You prepare, you’re ready, you walk out, and then you FREEZE. Before you sink like quicksand, here are a few tips to help keep you calm, cool, and collected the next time you blank.

Active Listening Pays Off

While attorneys think they are good listeners, their rushed schedules or their attempts to woo their clients often pull their attention away from the conversations at hand.

Myth Buster: Asking for Business

If you’re a lawyer who hates asking for business – GOOD NEWS! You don’t have to! The most common misconception about asking for business is thinking you must ask for work in an initial meeting or early in a relationship-building stage.

Bounce Back from Stress!

When things go wrong, don’t fall to pieces. Learn how to roll with the punches by getting in touch with your inner-resiliency.

Be a Brilliant Conversationalist

Conversations – real, meaningful conversations – are perhaps the best ways to build valuable connections with people. Here are some more great tricks for becoming a brilliant conversationalist.

Most Popular Posts from December 2010

Readers ended the year looking for ways to brush up on their business building and communication skills. And, who can blame them? After all, the New Year offers many people a fresh start and a new perspective on life and career.

Succeed at Small Talk!

Not everyone is born with the gift of gabbing to strangers, but you can acquire the art of small talk.
It’s simple, really. Just be yourself!

“Ping” Your Network to Stay in Touch!

Let’s face it. Attorneys have very little time do anything else besides practice law. But when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with a network of prospects and clients, a little time is all it takes to keep your NETWORKS HUMMING.

Network with the Coach: