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How to React When You’re Under Verbal ATTACK!

Your impulse may be to attack back. Don’t do it. You will lose credibility with your audience if you indulge a hostile audience member.

Get More From Business Meetings By Getting an Advance

What you need at the end of every meeting with a prospect is a firm advance; a commitment from the other party that, yes, the two of you will meet again at a specific day and time.

What to Say When You Hear, “You’re too Expensive.”

This is a lawyer’s time to shine; a time describe how the proposal has greater value than either doing nothing, or what the competitor is offering.

Up Your Twitter Game for Business Development

How can you make your content stand out in the Twitter stream?

Answer: It’s all about the headline.

The Nitty-Gritty on Facebook Over-Sharing

Why do people treat Facebook like their own personal journal? Some students at Carnegie Mellon University set out recently to answer that very question.

How to Tame Work Overwhelm

What if you could tame office overload just by being honest? Instead of playing the victim and complaining about how unfair your life is, explore how you’re really feeling by simply telling yourself the truth.

Extreme Productivity

So what should you do if you are faced with a big project along with other work/life demands? Take productivity to the next level. Go extreme.

Staying Humble Amid Growing Success

How do you stay humble while, at the same time, reaping the rewards of success? Here are three tips to help you avoid self-sabotage.

Goal-Setting Inspiration from Jim Carrey

You started off the year with a bang! You set some great goals! Now you may be in “stall” mode. If you are, Jim Carrey’s story might help.

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