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Create Client Relationships that Last a Lifetime

The key to building real, lifetime client relationships online is to first build them OFFLINE.

Most Popular Posts from October 2010

Based on our readership last month, lawyers are eager to learn more about cultivating better relationships with their clients.

How to Conduct an EFFECTIVE Client Interview

Firms that conduct client interviews often see BIG RESULTS!
Here are 5 essential components to a SUCCESSFUL client interview program.

Get Business Insight from Your CLIENTS!

Client interview programs are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity! If you are not talking to your clients, then assume your competition is!
Here are 3 reasons why firms need to start conducting an interview program today.

Clients Gravitate to Great Listeners!

The true strength of a great lawyer comes from their ability to LISTEN. Here are four ways you can strengthen your client relationships during a conversation.

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