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Words that Make or Break a Client Relationship

Learning how to nurture a new client partnership is worth your time and commitment!
Focus on inclusion by following these 5 rules for building – and maintaining – a healthy relationship.

LEGAL MARKETING: Business Cards Should be VALUED… not Buried!

How often have you walked away from a conference with dozens of business cards only to shove them away in your desk drawer? You could be missing a golden opportunity for BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

How to Avoid Disaster with Clients

The key to dealing with difficult clients is to learn how to set expectations at the beginning. Here are 5 ways you can avert disastrous disagreements.

3 Steps to Keep Clients Coming Back for More

Nurture your clients for BIG BUSINESS payoffs!
It’s easy! The key is to treat your clients as you would like to be treated.

Get Business Insight from Your CLIENTS!

Client interview programs are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity! If you are not talking to your clients, then assume your competition is!
Here are 3 reasons why firms need to start conducting an interview program today.

Clients Crave Comfort

A client who is comforted is happy and willing to bring you more, and more business.
Ease your clients into their own happy place by understanding the factors that comfort them most.

Client Complaints about YOU

The relationship between a client and an attorney is a delicate one. An attorney must live up to certain responsibilities and courtesies – at all times! Drop the ball and the relationship could be ruined forever.

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