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How to Say NO (and Not Tick People Off)

What if you could turn wasted non-billable time into a strategic way to build your business?
All you need is the word “no.”

Words to Use When Asked, “What’s New?”

If your stock reply is, “Oh, nothing much” or “I’ve been swamped,” then it is time to pick some new words to use.

Get More From Business Meetings By Getting an Advance

What you need at the end of every meeting with a prospect is a firm advance; a commitment from the other party that, yes, the two of you will meet again at a specific day and time.

Start Your Own LinkedIn Group

You can leverage LinkedIn as a business tool simply by getting involved with Groups. But don’t just join a group, start your own!

Are Daily Distractions Hurting Business Development?

It’s normal to get caught up in the daily bustle of phone calls and e-mails, but when that bustle begins to take time away from your business development efforts – well, then… there’s a problem.

How to Give Your Holiday Cards Marketing Power

Holiday greetings can actually add value to your practice. This is your chance to spread selfless expressions of gratitude AND market your services.

Business Development: Setting Your Sights on 2013

The holiday season is in full swing, and 2013 is close behind. Do you have a strategic business plan in place for the new year?

Smart Steps to Make Your Proposal OUTSHINE the Rest

Perfect pitching and proposal writing takes active listening and simply showing the client why your firm is able to meet his or her needs.

How to be a High-Powered Associate

It’s never too early to get a head start on business development when you are an associate. Be aware of the opportunities around you. Make time for networking. Develop your own rainmaking style.

How to Build Better Business Relationships

In order to keep your network safe and sound, you must work on fostering it – and getting the most value from it. Here are three important ways to nurture your network.

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