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Why Facebook is Still a Major Social Powerhouse

In October 2011, Facebook reached more than half of the world’s global audience (55%) and accounted for approximately 3 in every 4 minutes spent on social networking sites.

High-Profile Leaders and Ways they Stay Productive

There are many surprisingly creative ways to keep the wheels in motion. In fact, you might be shocked to learn that sleep and rest are excellent ways to stay productive.

Staying Humble Amid Growing Success

How do you stay humble while, at the same time, reaping the rewards of success? Here are three tips to help you avoid self-sabotage.

Lawyer Marketing Mistakes to AVOID Now!

Unsuccessful marketing will not only damage your reputation, it can put a serious dent in your revenues. Here are 7 common marketing mistakes lawyers make – and how to fix them.

8 Ways to Avoid Malpractice Claims

Don’t set your firm up for failure! One miscommunication or management error can put any lawyer at risk for a malpractice claim. Here are some tips to help you and your firm avoid potential legal trouble.

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