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Y. Broszus - San Jose, CA

Thank you very much for the fantastic webinar!  I learned so much. I especially thought the information about how to prepare BEFORE going to a networking event was invaluable, but I also found your various tips on how to feel more confident while networking valuable as well.  I was able to put some of your tips into practice last night (act like you’re the host, provide introductions to others), at a school function for my kids.  The applications for your information go way beyond the professional world.  If I sound like an advertising for your webinar, it’s because I found it to be so helpful in so many aspects of my life (when are we NOT networking!)! I’ve shared some information about the webinar with some of my colleagues (and my children) and they are eager to hear more.

W. Osborn - Dallas, TX

Yours was an entertaining, enjoyable Webinar.  I signed up and encouraged several others to do so as welll because of your program I attended at Belo.  I enjoyed the Web program as much as I did your Belo program.  Thanks for reminding me why I go into the rooms of people and how to work when I do.  It is also great to hear someone refresh your recollection about how to get the most from an often difficult situation that you have thrust yourself into.

E. Anyanwu - University of Texas School of Law Alumni

"I really enjoyed the information you provided this morning at the ABA seminar. Would you believe I am now watching your webinar? I had no idea you would be presenting both. I can't wait to see what insightful information I will receive from this presentation!"

Partner in national insurance defense law firm, Dallas, TX.

"I am honored to provide a recommendation for Martha Newman. I'm a partner in the Dallas office of a national law firm. I started working with Martha about 9 months ago, after trying to develop a business development plan on my own. I know many lawyers who have worked with business coaches in the past and I had concluded, based on their experiences, that it would be a waste of both time and money. Martha has proved my conclusion 180 degrees wrong on both counts -- (1) it's the best money I've ever spent; and (2) with Martha, the time investment is structured so that it's efficient and effective. At the conclusion of each session, Martha makes sure that I have an action plan that is realistic and well-suited to me - my personality, my capabilities and my schedule. That's not to say she doesn't push me - she absolutely does. But she also helps me develop a plan for accomplishing my goals that works for me - something that I can execute. Martha is an excellent listener. She seeks to understand what I want and to help me accomplish my goals. And she's honest - she tells it like it is. But she is very supportive and has a gift for communicating about things I need to change in a positive way that makes me feel confident that I can conquer the next challenge."

Larry Ronsko, CFO/Controller - Grodan Inc., Rockwool International A/S, Dallas, TX

"I give Martha my highest endorsement, without reservation or qualification. She is a tremendous resource and has made a substantial impact on my professional life."

Barbara J. Riesberg, P.A., Owner, Barbara J. Riesberg Law Firm, Miami FL.

“As a very integral part of my UT Dallas EMBA program, Martha was assigned as my Executive Coach to help develop my executive perspective as a supplement to the curriculum learning. I was more than pleased with the results, and wished I had this type of support earlier in my career. Martha was extremely practical, intuitive, and perceptive, helping me look at things from different perspectives. She was instrumental in assisting me with developing situational strategies, career planning, relationship management and most importantly, enhancing my confidence and outlook as an executive leader. While I have used coaches before for triathlon training, I now greatly see the value in Executive Coaching. I will continue to use Martha as my career progresses and would highly recommend her to other executives wanting to excel in their careers.”

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