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Law Firms Use the Women Lawyers Business Initiative Plan

iStock_000006971405XSmallLaw firms that want to stand out implement Women Lawyers Business Initiatives and brand themselves as leaders in the advancement of all women lawyers.


The Women Lawyers Business Initiative Plan creates built-in networking opportunities with prospective women clients and can transform a firm's women attorneys into masterful rainmakers.

What does a successful WOMEN LAWYERS BUSINESS INITIATIVE include?

  • Professional coaching to help women attorneys create goal-focused action plans, develop leadership and business development skills, and promote relationship-focused marketing.
  • Hosting and sponsoring in-house events, providing women lawyers with opportunities to network with other women professionals and build their client and referral base.
  • Mentoring tools to teach women associates the skills they need to advance their careers.
  • Networking opportunities to bring women lawyers together with other lawyers within their firm to promote cross-selling.
  • A supportive environment within the firm to attract and retain talented women attorneys.
  • Recognition to showcase exceptional women leaders in the firm as experts in their fields.
  • Partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations with similar missions.

Benefits of a Coach-Supported Women Lawyer’s Business Initiative:

  • Higher revenues to the firm as women lawyers build their books.
  • Business opportunities for the firm created by the firm’s women lawyers bringing businesswomen into the firm to network.
  • Lucrative partnerships between women attorneys and women professionals outside the firm
  • Increased cross-selling through internal relationship building between women lawyers and their colleagues.
  • Attraction and retention of talented, experienced women attorneys
  • Superb leadership among women lawyers

Empower your women attorneys to become masterful rainmakers.

Establish your firm as a proven leader in the business world.

Invest in a coach-supported Women Lawyer’s Business Initiative Plan – and start seeing RESULTS that are lucrative and measurable!


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