How Does Lawyer Coaching Work?

Coaching helps high achievers who want to attain their best…as great rainmakers, respected leaders, and trusted advisors.

Coaching also benefits lawyers who feel stuck and want to make a transition to a more satisfying and/or profitable place to practice, such as another law firm, private practice, or in-house with a growing company,

Here are step-by-step break downs of our proven coaching model designed to put you on track to achieve your professional goals.


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Step 1

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Receive a COMPLIMENTARY coaching session by phone or in person.

  • Tell us your challenges, needs and problems that prompted you to consider investing in coaching.

  • We describe how coaching works and tell you the results you could expect from coaching. You make the decision whether to go forward with coaching.

  • We explain our confidentiality obligations and get to know you through asking open-ended questions that establish trust and create a positive level of comfort.

Step 2

Choose a coaching engagement:


Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

Coaching & Workshops

Step 3

Take an online assessment that is right for you. (Optional)

  • lawyer coachingIndividual Personality Assessment (Winslow)

  • Strengths Finder Assessment

  • 360 Degree Feedback (anonymous evaluations from your peers)

  • Leadership Assessment

Step 4

Attend an initial 1.5 hour coaching session to:


  • Establish SMART goals

  • Collaborate and strategize to build a marketing/business plan tailored for you.

  • Design an initial Action Plan containing tactics to implement the chosen strategies.

  • Identify external obstacles that are stumbling blocks to success and decide how to overcome or minimize those obstacles.

  • Pinpoint individual habits and thought patterns that are holding you back and initiate changes in behavior and thoughts that will allow you to achieve your goals.

  • Customize your coaching agenda to include skills-building in one or more of the following areas:

    • Rainmaking

    • Networking

    • Negotiation

    • Time management

    • Leadership

    • Professional presence

    • Communication Skills

    • Issues specific to you

Step 5

Attend coaching sessions twice per month by phone or in person, and work with your coach to design an action plan during every session.

Step 6

action plan

Stay in touch during the coaching engagement to receive support and motivation.

Hold yourself accountable for completing your action steps.

Step 7

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Measure YOUR RESULTS week by week.

Step 8

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Celebrate your successes!


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