Sharpen your business development skills and build a bigger book of business:

Find out how Martha’s customized, business development training combined with results-focused coaching can help you be successful at legal marketing.


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  • Who benefits from TLC’s business development coaching?

    successo professionale

    • Current equity partners desiring a larger slice of profits and greater influence.

    • Income partners who want to move up to equity partner.

    • Mid-level and senior associates with partnership ambitions.

    • New lawyers expected to bring in business.

    • Solo and small firm lawyers aiming for higher revenues and faster firm growth.

  • What business and personal results will I derive from TLC’s lawyer coaching?

    Business Handshake Series

    • Eliminating the dread of marketing.

    • Expertise in business development skills.

    • A personalized business development plan that is your road map to success.

    • Self-confidence to do what it takes to get business.

    • Comfort with networking.

    • Time management know-how that enables you to balance billing with marketing.

    • Self-accountability in carrying out your business development activities.

    • Reduction of self-limiting beliefs and sabotaging habits.

    • Establishment of a sustainable, business development habit.

    • An increase in gross income from up to 15% after the first year, and up to 50% after three years when you stick to your business development plan.

  • What business development skills will I learn during lawyer coaching?

    iStock_000002116286SmallTop Lawyer Coaching with Martha Newman can help you achieve your goals by enhancing your skills in:

    • Asking for business when the time is right.

    • Finding your ideal clients.

    • Socializing with prospects.

    • Balancing business development with billing.

    • Networking.

    • Working a room for business results.

    • Developing a follow-up system with prospects.

    • Establishing a business development habit.

    • Cultivating referral sources and seeking referrals.

    • Creating professional relationships that lead to direct business.

    • Retaining the clients you already have.

    • Managing time effectively and eliminating distractions.

    • Conquering the crippling power of procrastination.

  • What will I accomplish during the coaching process with the help of my lawyer coach?

    lawyer coach(1.) Gain clarity about what you want and what you must do to get it.

     (2.) Lay the ground work for business development.

      • Set specific, measureable goals for one year, three years and five years.

      • Determine your best prospects and referral sources.

     (3.) Create a one-year business development plan.

      • Identify your target clients with specificity as to industry or profession, geographical location, size, yearly revenues, etc.


      • Prepare for writing your business development plan by completing the Top Lawyer Coach Preparation Template which includes business development strategies that are best for you and a choice of business development skills which you want to develop.

      • Use the TLC Business Development Plan Template to set your business development goals, the strategies you will use to achieve those goals and the tactics you will employ to implement your strategies.

      • Choose rainmaking activities that leverage your strengths and raise your visibility (based on Top Lawyer Coach’s activities list.)

      • Write your personal value proposition and your firm value proposition to communicate a clear statement of the benefits you and your firm provide to clients.

      • Incorporate good results stories into your value proposition.

    (4.) Start business development.

        • Create a bi-weekly Action Plan (using TLC’s template) containing specific tasks you will complete before your next coaching session.

        • Devise a structured, follow-up system containing all of your prospects and action steps designed to accomplish your rainmaking objectives.

          1. Choose diverse kinds of follow-up, not just lunches. (Using Top Lawyer Coach’s Follow-up Step Choices.)

          2. Use social media to increase visibility and credibility as a thought leader.

          3. If possible, delegate to your legal assistant contact management, calendaring rainmaking activities, and reminding you of upcoming events and meeting.

    lawyer coach 5. Build relationships with prospects and referral sources.

        • Polish your professional presence regarding:

          1. External image

          2. Internal attitude

          3. Self-confidence

          4. Non-verbal communication

          5. Socializing

          6. Public speaking

        • Establish instant rapport with prospects and connect personally.

        • Use strong body language to enhance credibility and convey confidence.

        • Aim to build both a personal and business relationship.

        • Create opportunities to cultivate desired relationships.

        • Be patient and persistent: 7-8 touches to land one medium-to-large client.

    6.  Remove obstacles to your success.

        • Figure out how you get in your own way.

        • Take the Top Lawyer Coach Obstacle Assessment to identify internal and external obstacles that impede your maximum performance.

        • Fill out the Top Lawyer Coach Development Plan template describing specific steps you will take on an ongoing basis to eliminate negative thinking and self-defeating behaviors that stand in your way.

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