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Email Errors That Dent Your Credibility(0)

September 29, 2014

Scenario: You just hit “send” without realizing you sent an email to a client that contains embarrassing, grammatical errors. This happens often, especially if you have dismantled spell check (even partially!) in Outlook. Unfortunately, there is no “undo” button.  Your client may catch your mistakes and have second thoughts about hiring you. Here are five grammatical […]

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Check Your Email Tone Before You Hit Send!

Don’t inadvertently send the wrong message! ToneCheck actually checks your outgoing email for any false “tones.”

Are You Boring? Here’s How to Tell…

How do you behave when you’re bored?
Here are 8 tips for knowing if you’re truly boring people to tears.

Words that Elicit Powerful Connections

What Not to Say When You Want People to Take Action Words are powerful. They influence our thoughts and behaviors, and can evoke strong emotions. Use them skillfully and words can be some of your most powerful assets. Here are some words and phrases to avoid when you want to elicit strong connections: Remove the […]

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