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Check Your Email Tone Before You Hit Send!(1)

July 19, 2014

Don’t inadvertently send the wrong message! ToneCheck actually checks your outgoing email for any false “tones.”

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App Helps People Find Lawyers and Keep Tabs on Legal Bills

Convenience and transparency are the foundations of a new lawyer app called Viewabill.

It’s a fully-functional mobile and desktop app that allows people to keep track of their attorneys’ bills, draft legal documents, and locate nearby lawyers.

Best Task Management Apps for Your iPhone

Like so many of my colleagues, I’ve moved my to-do list to my iPhone. And when it comes to keeping me organized, these handy iPhone task manager apps are worth their weight in gold.

The App that Cuts Through Email Clutter

The next time you step away from your PC for a business meeting or restroom break, don’t fret about missing those incoming emails. Let AwayFind pick up the slack.

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