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Words that Make or Break a Client Relationship(0)

July 29, 2013

Learning how to nurture a new client partnership is worth your time and commitment!
Focus on inclusion by following these 5 rules for building – and maintaining – a healthy relationship.

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Staying Top of Mind

When a new legal issue arises with one of your clients, you want them to pick up the phone and call you immediately. To ensure this, you have to stay top of mind; be the very first person they think of when legal help is needed.

Do You Shoot Down Compliments?

Women lawyers listen up! Are you quick to fend off flattery? You may be what experts call a “compliment-carper;” you simply can not accept kind words.

Practice Management: How to Make Sure Your Staff is Motivated and Invested

Your staff may show up for work, but they may not be invested in the firm’s goals nor motivated to perform.
Gain a better sense of how solid your staff relationships are by asking yourself the following questions.

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