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August 5, 2010

Rocky Dhir writes… Re: UNPLUG and Get Your Life Back This is a great post. Technology allows us to do more in less time, which means that it makes do more ALL the time. I confess that I feel uneasy if my iPhone is not within reach. For me, I work on both sides of the globe, […]

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Rodrigo Alanis Lambreton writes… Re: 10 Job Hunting Tip to Help You Get Your Foot in the Door “I want you to know, that I really enjoy this and every list of tips that you have posted in the past. It happens that I have a very important job interview tomorrow, and browsing trough your […]

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Paul Burton writes… Re: 5 Ways to Build a Business Rapport with People “Great advice for every professional. I view all my prospective clients as future friends and interact with them accordingly.”

POLL RESULTS RE: Email Mistakes

POLL RESULTS RE: Email Mistakes. We’re all guilty of making an email mistake at one point or another. But, instead of hiding under a blanket of embarrassment, readers of Top Lawyer Coach have candidly shared their own experiences – no holds barred!

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