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Bridging the Communication Gap Between Introverts and Extroverts(0)

October 14, 2014

It’s a common test for business professionals: How to communicate with people who are opposite their personality? Extroverts, in particular, face a huge barrier when dealing with introverted people. Instead of understanding their characteristics, extroverts tend to get frustrated over their introverted clients’ and colleagues’ shy, quiet tendencies. Sometimes these types of people are accused […]

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How to Spot and Seize Crucial Marketing Moments

Have you ever experienced a real magic marketing moment?
Increase your business effectiveness by learning to recognize and capitalize on BIG marketing opportunities.

5 Ways to Identify New Clients Who Will Give You the Best Return

Make the most of your limited marketing time by identifying HIGH-POTENTIAL new clients. Here are 5 ways to identify clients who will give you the BEST RETURN.

Power Marketing Strategies: Know Your Niche

As an attorney coach with years of experience, I can say without a shadow of doubt that having a niche law practice makes legal marketing easier and more efficient.

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