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How to Own Up to Mistakes & Use Them to Your Advantage(0)

September 6, 2014

All of us make mistakes, despite rigorous planning. But when mistakes happen, rather than wringing our hands and piling blame upon ourselves, the best thing to do is to leverage the mistake in these ways: 1. Figure out what you did right and what you did wrong. Determine what happened. What didn’t work – and […]

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Get Mentally Tough NOW… and Keep it All Year Long

Believe in yourself! A healthy self-belief is an essential part of internal motivation. Here are two strategies to help you overcome low self-esteem and energize your mind.

It’s all in the Pose!

According to Harvard Business School professor Amy J.C. Cuddy, all of us can summon an extra surge of power just by holding our bodies in expansive, “high-power” poses for as little as two minutes.

The Fine Line Between Management and Leadership

Managers are commanders; they get people to do what needs to be done. Leaders are communicators; they get people to want to do what needs to be done.

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