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Master Negotiation Tactics of a Trial Attorney(0)

July 25, 2012

Push, pull. Give, take. Those are the components of nearly every conversation we have with clients, co-workers, our spouses, and our children.

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Thinking ‘Outside the Box’ for Better Marketing and More Business

When you are faced with day-to-day routines and company policies, the idea of thinking outside of the proverbial box probably seems insurmountable. But sometimes you just have to stop playing by the rules and switch things up.

Leadership: Top 5 Ways to Motivate Your Department

Motivation improves morale, creates passionate and hard-working teams – and, above all else, improves the firm as a whole. Here are 5 ways you can lead to improve motivation.

Conquer Your Fears and Take a Leap

Successful risk-takers take their anxiety and turn it into something more powerful: Drive. Fear drives risk-takers forward, and moves them to their goals.

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