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5 Ways to Rein in Fear at Work(0)

November 10, 2014

1. Anticipate and prepare for obstacles. There will always be challenges lying in the road to success. The key is to anticipate and be ready for them.  Surprises can shatter confidence and instill fear. (Rewrite this para.) 2. Develop an obsession about your goals. Think about what you want to accomplish daily. Dream about your […]

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Email Errors That Dent Your Credibility

Scenario: You just hit “send” without realizing you sent an email to a client that contains embarrassing, grammatical errors. This happens often, especially if you have dismantled spell check (even partially!) in Outlook. Unfortunately, there is no “undo” button.  Your client may catch your mistakes and have second thoughts about hiring you. Here are five grammatical […]

Your Phone Voice — 3 Ways to Bring It Alive

Did you know people tend to lose 30% of the energy in their voices on the phone? Your body language and facial expressions comprise more than half of your personality. Yet, the minute you get on the phone, those key parts of who you are become invisible. You rely on only your voice to make […]

How to Own Up to Mistakes & Use Them to Your Advantage

All of us make mistakes, despite rigorous planning. But when mistakes happen, rather than wringing our hands and piling blame upon ourselves, the best thing to do is to leverage the mistake in these ways: 1. Figure out what you did right and what you did wrong. Determine what happened. What didn’t work – and […]

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