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Key Ways to Keep in Touch with Contacts(0)

November 23, 2014

Be less gratuitous about keeping in touch by keeping your correspondence with clients MEANINGFUL and MEMORABLE. Here are 4 ways to pull it off.

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Common Missteps That Will Send Clients Out the Door!

The relationship between an attorney and a client is very delicate. Lawyers strive to keep their clients happy by providing the best legal services they can. Yet, too much coddling – or not enough – can cost attorneys their clients. Here are some common mistakes to avoid. 1. You are not forthcoming about your knowledge […]

5 Ways to Identify New Clients Who Will Give You the Best Return

Make the most of your limited marketing time by identifying HIGH-POTENTIAL new clients. Here are 5 ways to identify clients who will give you the BEST RETURN.

Words that Make or Break a Client Relationship

Learning how to nurture a new client partnership is worth your time and commitment!
Focus on inclusion by following these 5 rules for building – and maintaining – a healthy relationship.

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