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Words that Make or Break a Client Relationship(0)

July 29, 2013

Learning how to nurture a new client partnership is worth your time and commitment!
Focus on inclusion by following these 5 rules for building – and maintaining – a healthy relationship.

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Best Ways to RECONNECT with Long Lost Clients

Making that first call after a long hiatus isn’t easy. The key is to really think about how to start the conversation.
Here are some TIME-TESTED and EFFECTIVE ways to make reaching out a lot more comfortable.

Year-End Tips to Boost Client Loyalty

You need to SPRING INTO ACTION if you sense a defection on the horizon. Harry Mills, author of The Rainmaker’s Toolkit, recommends the following three-step formula, also known as the EAR recovery formula.

Realize the Importance of Keeping Your Word

Are you a man or woman of your word? You may think so, but think for a moment about all of the commitments and agreements you have made in recent years – how many of them did you actually keep?

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