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Take This Self-Assessment to Find Out Why

When lawyers come to me feeling stuck or frustrated because they aren’t achieving their career goals, I ask them to take the self-assessment below and highlight the challenges they are confronting and the obstacles that are blocking their success. The results are eye-openers for my clients and form the foundation for our executive coaching.

If you feel stuck, take this assessment and decide whether you want to stick to the status quo or get unstuck by investing in a successful future through executive coaching.

Self-Assessment for Attorneys

(Please highlight the issues which apply to you or your practice.)

  • Unsure where I want my practice to go in the next five-ten years.
  • Aspire to think bigger about my practice and my life.
  • Want to identify a written set of professional goals for the rest of 2017 and each year thereafter.
  • Need to get leadership training and improve my managerial skills.
  • More effective communication would deepen my relationships with clients.
  • Desire to discover work that I could be passionate about.
  • Considering transitioning out of the law.
  • Would like to expand my areas of practice.
  • Want to create a niche.
  • Want to transition to another specialty, but don’t know how.
  • Don’t know what I don’t know about achieving success in private practice.
  • Have a lot of good ideas but I am not sure how to implement them.
  • Want to move my practice to the next level and need someone to help me figure out how to do it.
  • Possess some habits and thought patterns that get in my way as I grow my practice.
  • Do not have anyone I trust to help me analyze the pros and cons of the decisions I know I must make.
  • Worried that my revenues are coming from only a few clients.
  • Concerned that I am being pigeon-holed by equity partners to do work for them in a specialty area where there is little possibility that I can originate work myself.

Other: ______________________________________________________________________________

Business Development:

  • Do not have a marketing plan for business development.
  • Need to decide on marketing strategies that work for me.
  • Realize that my business development is more haphazard than structured and purposeful.
  • Do not make time for marketing consistently.
  • Want to improve my business development skills.
  • Unclear how to attract new clients and/or get quality referrals.
  • Unsure what to say when asking for business and requesting referrals from those I know.
  • Want to overcome my reservations about asking for business.
  • Need to develop a structured follow-up system with prospects, referral sources and professional network.
  • Want to enhance my professional presence to make a positive first impression.
  • Willing to get physically fit in order to enhance my professional presence.
  • Do not know what to say to convince prospects and clients that my high hourly rate is worth paying.
  • Want to develop a convincing narrative on why a client should hire me instead of my competitors.
  • Have not verbalized a value proposition statement that fully conveys my value.
  • Attracting higher net worth individuals and/or corporate clients are my goals.
  • Want to build a bigger professional and personal network of connections.
  • Not networking as effectively as I would like.
  • Worried that a high percentage of my revenues are coming from a few clients.
  • Defining my ideal clients would help me market more effectively.
  • Do not know where to find my ideal clients.
  • Need to consistently make time for marketing.
  • Want to increase my self-confidence in working a room.
  • Unsure what to do next to grow my practice.
  • Cannot stay motivated to market.
  • Do not have anyone to hold me accountable for taking action to attract new clients.
  • Frustrated that most of my partners do not seem interested in my doing business development.

Organization, Time Management and Work Load:

  • Concerned that my practice is sometimes out of control.
  • Overwhelmed by my workload.
  • Have the work, but not billing enough hours.
  • Spending too much time on non-billable work.
  • Easily distracted.
  • Disorganized.
  • Prioritizing would help me manage my time better.
  • Filing system needs improvement.
  • Procrastinate too often.
  • Booking too many appointments.
  • Losing revenue by giving free advice too often.
  • Can’t get organized.
  • Challenged by time management.

Firm and Firm Relationships

  • Not sure how to navigate the politics of my firm.
  • Uncertain about how to build relationships with the influencers in my firm who decide who makes partner.
  • My relationships with some partners within the firm are not as good as I would like.
  • Partners are loading me up with so much work I have no time for my own business development.
  • Some colleagues may think I am not pulling my load in the firm.
  • It feels as though I am working harder than the other associates/partners.
  • Some partners do not show the same enthusiasm I have for growing our firm.
  • Colleagues and partners do not respect me as much as I would like.
  • I am not sure what I need to do to move up in my firm.
  • When I do work for other lawyers, I need to make a more positive impression.
  • Drawing a line between professional and personal at the office is sometimes hard for me.

Other: _______________________________________________________________________

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