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lawyer coachingWhat’s keeping you from building a bigger book of business?

  • Procrastination,
  • Inadequate networking skills,
  • Poor time management,
  • Low self-confidence about networking, or
  • Lack of an organized plan?

No matter the obstacle, professional coaching can help you and the attorneys within your firm build strategic business development plans, create strong networks of referral sources, and develop the skills necessary to achieve peak performance so you can accomplish your most important business objectives.

Lawyer coaching offers personalized attention and customized instruction that enables you to feel confident about networking and asking for business. You gain clarity about what is really important to you and what you have to do to avoid compromising your values for the wrong reasons.

Who benefits from business development coaching?

  • Equity and income partners
  • Mid-level and senior associates
  • New lawyers
  • Solo and small firm lawyers

What will clients gain from coaching?

  • Expertise in business development skills.
  • Comfort with networking.
  • Time management know-how.
  • Elimination of self- sabotaging habits.
  • Potential Increase in gross income from 15%-25% after the first year, and up to 50% after three years.

How does Lawyer Coaching work?

With the help of your coach, you identify your primary goals, figure out strategies to achieve those goals, and devise a time-tabled action plan that will lead to success.

Coaching provides instant support and feedback through regularly-scheduled meetings that can be conducted in person or over the phone. You are motivated to move forward and become accountable for carrying out the steps it takes to be successful.

What kind of relationship do you have with your coach?

The relationship between coach and lawyer is a collaborative, confidential partnership between equals. Your coach acts as a sounding-board for your ideas, generates creative ideas that you may not have thought of, and keeps you focused on the small steps that produce big results.

You gain a second set of eyes on your options, a fresh perspective on your choices. With the help of your coach, the choices you have repeatedly pored over in your mind are examined through a new lens so you can weigh the pros and cons of potential courses of action.

Is Hiring a Lawyer Coach Worth the Investment?

The average return on investment is 5.7x greater than the cost than the cost of coaching.

According to research conducted by the International Coach Federation, professionals who invest in coaching can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of important goals.

lawyer coaching

If you are ready to move past the status quo and invest in your career, request a free consultation with Top Lawyer Coach founder, Martha Newman…a lawyer and credentialed coach who can help you achieve financial success and fulfillment in your work.

How You Benefit from Lawyer Coaching




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