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law firm coachingWell-run law firms know that talented lawyers are more likely to achieve peak performance if they have lawyer coaches. In fact, there is an increasing trend in top firms towards hiring external coaches to work with senior lawyers.

What is Coaching for Lawyers?

Law firm coaching is for attorneys who want to raise their performance levels, earn more money, and acquire skills necessary for professional success. Firms hire external lawyer coaches to work with their attorneys on any number of issues that will produce positive results for individual attorneys as well as their firms.

Some attorneys choose to work on business development and legal marketing, while others want to focus on ways to make partner or to become better leaders within their law firms. No matter the goal, a lawyer coaching plan will give you strategies to:

● Become a better manager and leader.

● Build a bigger book of business.

● Gain financial security.

● Eliminate sabotaging thoughts and habits that hold you back.

● Balance billing with marketing.

● Deliver constructive criticism without causing anger or frustration.

● Handle heavy loads and stressful situations without burning out.

● Grow your self-confidence and resilience.

By and large, lawyer coaching helps attorneys move past roadblocks toward a more satisfying career, better work-life balance, and higher financial gain.

Who Benefits from  Law Firm Coaching?

Some lawyers are unsure which steps to take to achieve their goals; others know the steps, but struggle with how to balance billing or in-house deadlines with time that needs to be spent taking action that will produce progress on their goals. A lawyer coach can be a change agent and strategy partner in getting you out of ruts and moving forward.

Here are some other benefits of law firm coaching:

1. Lawyers learn to move out of their comfort zones. All too often, lawyers choose the path of least resistance. They continue habits that keep them stuck in their comfort zones. Coaching helps attorneys “stretch” to make decisions that are most beneficial to long term success.

2. Lawyers learn to examine themselves. Lawyer coaching helps attorneys look at their own underlying attitudes and beliefs to assess whether those long-held mind-sets are serving them well or holding them back. Perhaps perfectionism is hindering productivity or delegation, or the lack of confidence is undermining their efforts to build a larger book of business. A lawyer coach can help an attorneys achieve these realizations and adopt new beliefs and attitudes that better contribute to success.

3. Lawyers become accountable. Accountability is a key benefit of lawyer coaching. During the coaching process, lawyers agree to be accountable to their coaches for taking tangible steps to reach their goals. As clients keep commitments agreed upon with the coach, self-accountability begins to build and eventually turns into a productive habit.

Lawyer coaching is a crucial component of professional development in today’s competitive legal environment. Coaching has become the preferred choice among law firms that want to help their lawyers break out of the status quo and master new leadership, marketing, business development, and other professional skills.


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