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Power Marketing Strategies: Know Your Niche

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A Niche Practice Positions You an EXPERT in Your Field 

As an attorney coach with years of experience, I can say without a shadow of doubt that having a niche law practice makes legal marketing easier and more efficient.

A niche practice automatically helps lawyers stand out from the crowd - and it offers so much more!

Here are the top five advantages of having a niche practice.

1. You'll be perceived as an expert.

By marketing a singular scope of your practice, clients will assume you're an expert in that particular area.

And, further down the road, you may even become an expert. The more of a particular type of matter you handle, the more you will know about it. Your confidence will grow and so will the payoff from your niche marketing efforts.

2. You'll make more money.

Bottom line: people pay more  for expertise.

3. You will dominate with less competition.

Niche practice lawyers have few people to compete against. Consider the difference between the number of general commercial litigators versus the number of lawyers who specialize in litigation involving long-term disability.

4. Your marketing will get easier.

Rather than marketing to everyone, you will focus on a targeted audience. This will also allow you to easily figure out what that audience reads, conferences they attend, and where they network. Knowing your niche clients inside and out will also help you understand their needs.

5. You will be remembered - especially when it comes to referrals.

As a perceived expert - or a real one - you'll have a greater chance of being remembered as a potential provider when a need arises. Your name will stand out and you will become a go-to person when someone needs your type of services, especially if you are board certified.

One final thought. A niche is about where you focus your marketing efforts - not how you spend your billable hours.  You can still handle work outside your niche, but it's not where you concentrate your legal marketing efforts.

Define your niche today and see what a specialized practice can do for you - and your book of business.

Attorney Coach

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