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4 Networking Habits that Will Give You a BAD NAME!

Networking Tips for Lawyers


Conferences and other networking events should be a time to shine. A time to mingle and MAKE CONNECTIONS!

But all too often, insecurities and bad habits rear their ugly heads, ruining any chance for people to take advantage of a good networking opportunity.

GET IN THE GAME by learning which types of behaviors to avoid.

Here are four types of people you DON'T want to be at a networking event.

1. The woeful wallflower.

This person generally stands in the far corner of the room, pinned to a wall.  Her handshake is limp, her demeanor is unassuming. This person attends networking events not to meet, but to watch.

Waste of time!

2. The codependent shadow.

These people are "ankle huggers."  They tend to follow the first person they meet. In fact, out of fear, they may shadow that person the entire conference.

Stop! Seize the opportunity to meet many different people and arrange as many follow-ups as you can.

3. The follower.

This person fritters away precious networking time trying to meet the most important people at the event. The problem is, generally the most important people at conferences are the hardest to get to... physically. They are often surrounded by their own entourage.

Keep in mind, if you were able to reach and meet a high profile person at a networking event, that person probably won't remember you. A handshake and a photo mean nothing. Meaningful conversations count!

4. The card collector.

This person passes his cards out to everyone in the room, then gloats over the number of "contacts" he has made. In reality, nothing valuable has been created... other than a long list of phone numbers for future cold calls.

If you're a networking success and manage to arrange a future meeting, then a piece of paper like a business card is irrelevant.

Successful networking takes skill!

Make a point to shed bad behaviors and shy qualities - and seize genuine networking opportunities with confidence and gusto!

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