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Perfect Tips to Make Sure Your Emails are Read (not Ignored!)

Make Emails More EffectiveWords to Use to Make Emails More Effective

How many times have you sent an email only to have it ignored? All of those precious minutes (perhaps hours!) you spent composing that email have most definitely gone to waste. Flushed down the proverbial trash.

Perhaps it's time to reframe the way your emails are written. Simple words, short phrases and paragraphs, and specific headers will make emails more effective.

Brief is Better

No matter what you want to express in your email, keep it brief. A short, concise email won't require your recipient to think too much and interpret long sentences. If you are "wordy," you risk the text not being read at all.

Make your messages quick, easy to understand. Tip: Try editing your first email draft down by 50% before you send.

Get Specific

No one has time to wade through paragraphs of text. Get to the point quick by being as specific as possible. Do this in the email header.

Instead of the subject line -  Meeting

Try this instead:

- Department Meeting April 20, attendance is necessary

The subject line is now straight, to-the-point, and lets the recipient know at first glance what the email is about and what action is required.

These tips, of course, are just a few of many ways to make your email communications more effective. Stay tuned...

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